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Swordid | in production |
Fantasy Comedy | YA

Cato is reborn knowing one thing: get or get got. So carry a sassy sword and go kill the great demon Baal. Swordid is a cheeky take on the hero’ s journey. An excerpt is on Webtoon.

2018 – Ongoing
Drama | YA

A werecat saved Lillians life, it’s a blessing and a curse. Blackburn is a 2018 Webtoon Contest Honorable Mention title

2020 Completed
Romance | Short Story | Adult

An immortal meets their lover in another other life. A quiet story and a Runner-Up in the English Webtoon Short Story Contest. It’s also available in Chinese & Spanish.

2019 Completed
Mt Draco
Romance | Comedy | Adult

A dragon hires a vagabond to be his maid. Mt Draco is available to read on Webtoon.


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